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Practice Areas at the Law Office of Jon B. Clarke, P.C.

At the Law Office of Jon B. Clarke, P.C., our trusted Colorado Springs bankruptcy attorneys have more than three decades of experience helping individuals and businesses resolve their debt issues and achieve a financial fresh start. Below is an overview of our firm’s practice areas.

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Bankruptcy Overview: How Our Colorado Springs Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help You

Colorado Springs Bankruptcy attorney Practice Areas

At the Law Office of Jon B. Clarke, our Colorado Springs bankruptcy attorneys have extensive experience helping individuals and businesses achieve a financial fresh start. Here’s a look at our practice areas. Contact us for more info regarding your best debt relief options.

There are a number of different bankruptcy options people and businesses can pursue, and the right option for a given party will depend on various factors. In general, however, the most common types of bankruptcy cases our Colorado Springs attorneys oversee include:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcies – Also known as liquidation bankruptcy, Chapter 7 allows consumers to discharge certain debts by liquidating some assets to repay creditors (to the extent possible).
  • Business bankruptcies – Though typically more complicated than individual bankruptcy cases, business bankruptcies can provide enterprises with options for resolving their serious debt issues. As with consumer cases, business bankruptcies can be Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 cases, with the better option for a given business depending on that business’ debt situation, as well as whether the owners want to keep that business open during/after the bankruptcy case.

Other Debt Relief Options: Alternatives to Filing for Bankruptcy

Although bankruptcy can provide people and businesses with the financial fresh starts they need and deserve, this is not the only debt relief option available – and, in some cases, it may not be the best option for a given debtor. In fact, for some individuals and businesses, alternatives to Colorado bankruptcy may be preferable.

At the Law Office of Jon B. Clarke, P.C., our Colorado Springs bankruptcy attorneys are skilled at helping people and businesses:

  • Determine when an alternative to bankruptcy may be right for them
  • Successfully pursue their best debt relief option.

Becoming a Client

When you are ready to take the next steps towards getting out from under serious debt, complete our Business or Consumer Debtor Analysis Form. This will allow our Colorado Springs bankruptcy lawyers to assess your debt situation and then contact you to inform you about:

  • Your best debt relief options
  • The next steps to take.

As you await our response, we encourage you to learn more about what you can do to start preparing for a meeting with us by reviewing our Initial Checklist page.

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