Approved Credit Counseling Agencies in Colorado

November 10, 2015

A Colorado Springs bankruptcy attorney provides a list of approved credit counseling providers in Colorado.

A Colorado Springs bankruptcy attorney provides a list of approved credit counseling providers in Colorado.

Before a court will accept a bankruptcy petition, an individual filing for bankruptcy will have to fulfill the credit counseling requirement. This essentially involves completing an online or in-person program within 180 days of filing for bankruptcy. And in order for the court to accept the completion of this requirement, the course must be taken at an approved credit counseling provider in Colorado.

We’ve have provide a list of these approved services below. While you can contact these providers to take care of your credit counseling requirement, contact Jon B. Clarke, P.C. when you need experienced assistance pursuing Colorado bankruptcy.

Colorado Credit Counseling Providers

  • 123 Credit Counselors, Inc. – (305) 269-1092
  • Abacus Credit Counseling – (800) 516-3834
  • ABC American Bankruptcy Counselors – (303) 551-5599
  • Abel Credit Counseling Services, Inc. – (308) 225-5357
  • BK Class, Inc. – (877) 376-7122
  • Debt Goal, Inc. – (877) 376-8070
  • Debtorcc, Inc. – (800) 610-3920
  • Simple Class, Inc. – (866) 742-6259
  • Wiser Consumer Education, Inc. (800) 496-2440

Because this list of providers is subject to change, please click here for a current list of approved providers.

Credit Counseling for Bankruptcy: More Important Information 

  • In general, failing to complete the credit counseling requirement before filing for bankruptcy can result in the petition being dismissed. When this happens, the petitioner will have to wait at least 180 days before (s)he can file for bankruptcy again (with proof of completing the credit counseling requirement).
  • In rare cases when people may be experiencing certain emergencies (like an impending wage garnishment or lawsuit from a creditor), it may be possible for the court to grant an exception to the credit counseling requirement (either allowing someone to complete it following the submission of their bankruptcy petition or waiving the requirement altogether).
  • Although a credit counseling course typically costs about $50, there may be fee waivers available in some cases.
  • Many credit counseling providers offer programs in Spanish.

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